Kickstarter launched to support livestream of #MSVHour

As followers of my previous hour record attempts know, each one has webcast with varying degrees of success (er, failure) due to hardware/software/and Internet glitches. For the world record attempt, we would like to hire a professional webcasting crew with a foolproof Internet connection (and backup). The webcast will include commentary and on-screen timing so fans know throughout the attempt whether I’m on pace to break the record. Want to watch me try to make history? Kick in what you can to our kickstarter campaign and spread the word! Because the current record is 46.065 km, we figure $4607 is a nice round figure for our funding goal. If we raise more than that we’ll be able to add more features, higher quality video, and extra reliability to the livestream.

smaller bikeEvery contributor of $25 or more will receive a “Team Tortuga” temporary tattoo symbolizing my love of deceptively speedy turtles–or “tortugas” as we’ll be calling them while in Mexico. Tweet a picture of your tattoo to @mollysvh #MSVHour to send your speedy vibes my way!