MSVHour Race Day is Tomorrow!

Greetings from Aguascalientes, MSVHour fans!

We’re counting down the hours until race time tomorrow . . . except that we aren’t sure yet quite when race time will be! As you can imagine, we’re trying to optimize every variable to maximize my chances of setting the record—equipment, nutrition, pacing, training, etc. One key variable is weather. What weather is there in an INDOOR velodrome, you might ask?! The velodrome’s transparent dome makes the track temperature very dependent on the outdoor temperature and sun conditions. And what we’re hoping for are temperatures in a narrow, ideal range. Hot air is faster. But of course an overheated rider can be slower. My past attempts have been in the evening—after the heat of the day but while the velodrome is still warm. But tomorrow there is a chance of thunderstorms that could send temperatures plummeting earlier than usual. At this point our best guess is that race time will be early evening—around 6:00 pm local time in Aguascalientes (4:00 pm in California, 7:00 pm in the Eastern US, 1:00 am in Europe). But we’ll adjust that if necessary as we monitor the conditions.

Thanks to the generous support of over 100 kickstarter backers, the professional livestream team will be arriving tonight. Once they are here and we know all systems are go, I’ll post again with viewing details and a timing update. The plan is for the stream to be available both on YouTube and via the VeloNews homepage.

You can tweet your encouragement to me @mollysvh #MSVHour. I’ll need every bit of power and speed we can collectively muster to achieve this daunting goal!